Over 3,000 Warcraft III Assets Now Available On The StarCraft II PTR


Blizzard has injected some life into the StarCraft II Arcade by unleashing all of Warcraft III’s models and assets for free. Over 3,000 new materials are now available in the StarCraft II PTR (public test realm) for the Arcade development community, which has already done amazing things with just StarCraft II’s assets.
This isn’t a couple skins and a building or two, it is literally everything that was in the classic real-time strategy game that heavily influenced StarCraft II and so many others. “New hero models for the 4 primary races, all of the original Warcraft III models include neutral creatures and their sounds, as well as doodads, structures, spell effects, ambient sounds, music, and custom user interfaces for each race” are all included in the massive overhaul.
Blizzard will also be highlighting what they feel is the best content once the creative development community starts pouring over the assets to create their own scenarios and games.

We are so excited to see what our community is going to make that we wanted to give you a head start. Once these assets become available to the public, we are going to spotlight the best content in what we are calling, “Memories of War.” The PTR is your chance to start playing with your new tools and to start making amazing experiences.

Any creation you make can be emailed to Arcade@Blizzard.com or tweeted to @BlizzardArcade for a chance to be noticed by the developers.
Given some of the bizarre and fantastic creations that have already been made within the StarCraft II PTR and Arcade – including (but certainly not limited to), clones of classic games such as Galaga, Breakout, Hockey, and others, along with countless original games – there is no telling what will come out of this flood of new content. One thing is for sure though, someone is going to recreate the entirety of Warcraft III in no time.
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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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