LEGO To Add Doctor Who, WALL-E Sets


After thousands of votes by fans, Lego has announced that they will be adding both Doctor Who and WALL-E to their offerings. For those unfamiliar with it (such as this author), Lego Ideas is a site where fans of the building toy can share their own ideas for Lego sets and, if the idea received 10,000 votes, it is reviewed by Lego itself. In the second ever Lego Ideas Review, runners up included Ghostbusters HQ, a large AT-AT model, and a model of the Hubble Telescope. However, the the delight of science fiction fans, the winners were WALL-E, created by Angus Maclane who is an animator for Pixar; and Doctor Who and Companions, created by Andrew Clark.

Fan rendering of a Doctor Who LEGO set.
Going from fan idea to actual Lego product is an intense system, and involves many factor besides the 10,000 votes by other fans. In the official blog announcement, SigneLo explains that once a set reaches those 10,000 fan votes, the competitors go through a rigorous examination process by a team of specialists, a process she says is the same that any new Lego set goes through. As this can be a length process, there’s no official word on when these new Lego sets will hit stores, or how much they will cost when they do.
Fan rendering of a Wall-E LEGO set.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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