House Of Cards Season 3 Briefly Leaked On Netflix Weeks Ahead Of Schedule


You had an opportunity to watch House of Cards Season 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and you blew it. That is, you had a chance if you could have found a way to watch all 10 episodes before Netflix realized the error and quickly pulled them back down.
Citing a “technical glitch,” Netflix quickly responded to an accidental leak of the highly anticipated third season of Frank Underwood’s rise to power. As many eagled-eyed social media accounts were quick to point out, the entire season was briefly available for streaming on the service. While there isn’t a lot you can could have gotten out of the 30-or-so minutes the episodes were up, we do still have a screenshot of almost every synopsis courtesy of Mashable.

As one would expect, Season 3 appears to be off to a rocky start for the Underwoods, and a lot of the season may deal with the powerful couple helping an unnamed U.S. citizen getting into some international trouble. Mashable seems like the ones who got the most out of the leak, with one staffer having watched – and gif’d – some sections of the first episode. Nothing important, just Frank urinating on a gravestone and a parade of cars, but maybe something to tide House of Cards fans until the season actually releases later this month.
Netflix, in typical Netflix fashion, quickly acknowledged the leak with an “in character” tweet from the official House of Cards Twitter account: 

House of Cards Season 3 is the highly anticipated first season with Frank Underwood having finally achieved his highest ambitions (for now). Netflix released a trailer last month, and continues to tease us with mini teasers and reveals while we await for our chance to binge on February 27th.
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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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