Android Wear Sells 720,000 Units In 2014; Enter Apple Marketing

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Wearables and the idea of wearables has been around for some time now, you just need to look back at devices like the Xybernaut MA V to know this (check out the video below). The idea of wearables has changed since the Xybernaut days, Google Glass has kind of sort of taken that idea and made it more functional and easy to use but the focus has really gone to the wrist. Android Wear, Samsung’s Tizen and the upcoming Apple Watch is where the wearables battle is currently headed.

A new report that Android Wear has only sold 720,000 units in 2014 has surfaced and is making the rounds in popular media. Most of the media commentary is already discounting Google’s wearable OS as being behind the yet to be released Apple Watch and so begins Apple’s marketing. The Apple Watch has only been seen on the wrist of Tim Cook, but its first year sales are projected to be 26 million units. Without a signal unit sold Apple (through the media) has managed to place itself as the clear front runner in wearables, never mind that no one has actually had any hands on time with a final product.

Apple’s goal of all day battery life for the Apple Watch wasn’t met, a feature Tim Cook was hoping would set them apart from other smartwatches and there’s no indication that it will have any better features than what Android Wear currently offers. Apple has expertly been able to use metric reporting companies and “news” media to market devices that have yet to even be sold – once again pushing the public into purchasing something that not one consumer has even tested.

The reality of it is that Apple will likely sell those millions of Apple Watches, whether or not it will be 26 million remains to be seen. But don’t expect that shiny Apple Watch to be without its own bugs and problems. Android Wear may have only sold 720,000 units but they also have the advantage of real consumer testing and feedback. I wouldn’t count Google out of the wearables game based on projected sales from pundits and bankers. These reports are designed to drive up Apple stock prices creating a sense of success for investors which gives the consumer, confidence in the companies products. My advice is to wait on buying that Apple Watch and wait for honest reviews to be posted. Since Apple doesn’t provide review units to small outlets such as ours, we are contemplating purchasing one to provide such a review.

Featured image courtesy Droid-Life

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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