Ingress is Coming to Android Wear

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According to some new screenshots, Google and Niantic Labs are fine tuning a version of Ingress, their popular augmented reality game, for watches running Android Wear.  From the looks of it you will be able to receive notifications when you are near a portal, similar to how Niantic Labs’ other app, Field Trip, notifies you when you are near something interesting.  The Android Wear app doesn’t stop there though, you will also be able to perform the core functions of the game such as hacking, attacking, and creating links to portals to make fields.

Some of the supposed Ingress Android Wear functions (image courtesy Engadget).

Ingress, which came out back in 2012, is a game that lets you pick one of two sides, Enlightened or Resistance, then you explore your surroundings to interact with portals via the scanner on your smartphone and soon on your smartwatch.  It basically pits the two factions against each other as they compete for control of their area and the world.  Portals are actual landmarks around you and can be anything from interesting architecture, a statue, a fountain, or a mural on a wall.  Walking about playing the game will occasionally have you run into someone from the other side as you battle them head to head trying to take control of a portal for your faction.  They even have international events, called anomalies, where hundreds of people from each side meet on a battle field at a specified location to duke it out before having a big social gathering afterwards.

From playing the game since 2012 when it was a closed beta, I can say that they have evolved quite a bit.  They have steadily been adding content to the game in the form of new items, badges (achievements), and higher levels for players to progress to.  Expanding the game to Android Wear is another big step in the evolution of the game.  You’ll be able to interact with portals much quicker while on the move, whether you are going for a jog or a bike ride, just by looking at your wrist.  The only concern I have with it running on wear is that the game is a bit of a battery hog; I’ll be interested to see how the battery life of a smartwatch will do while running Ingress on it.

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Featured image courtesy reddit.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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