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Blizzard Announces The WoW Token – Buy Game Time With Gold

Blizzard Entertainment announced the introduction of a new in-game item called the WoW Token. Players will be able to purchase the token with real money and sell it in-game through the auction house, allowing other players to purchase the token with in-game gold and use it for real game time.
The gold value market price will be determined by the usual supply-and-demand model employed in-game and available through a “dedicated Token Exchange” through the already established and utilized auction house. Once purchased from the auction house the token becomes soulbound and will provide the player’s account with 30 days of gametime. No bidding will be involved: when a player puts a token on the auction house a quote will be given for the exact amount they will receive when another player purchases it, and buyers will only be given that buyout price as an option.
No further information has been released regarding the real money value of the tokens available in the in-game store. This appears to be Blizzard’s attempt at reducing the amount of power unauthorized third parties have over the gold market and reducing “gold farmers” by providing players with a legitimate way to turn real money into gold and in-game gold into playtime. It’s also an added benefit for players with hefty amounts of accumulated gold to be able to turn their hours of game labor into a benefit to their subscription cost.

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