ROCKI Review: Stream Your Music To Most Any Speaker

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Back in the day taking our music library with us meant hauling along a couple hundred compact discs and if you’re my age cassettes (and even 8-tracks!). Thankfully technology has managed to allow us to store even more music content on our personal media devices like smartphones and mp3 players. This means physical media is no longer required allowing you to enjoy the music without hauling a box of media with you. Technology has even gone further by allowing you to stream your music from services like Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Google Play Music and others. While listening to your music on your device is already awesome, what about sharing that music to any speaker system you like? That’s where ROCKI comes in and this is the ROCKI review.


Design And Portability

The first thing you notice when you get your ROCKI is the unique geometric design, it almost looks like a colorful stealth fighter, it’s pretty slick.  The second thing you notice is how small this thing is and that’s important for the function it’s intended to fulfill. ROCKI fits in the palm of your hand and is pretty easy to toss in a purse, backpack, murse, or even a non-skinny jeans pocket (you might not get it out if you put it in those skinny jeans). Overall ROCKI scores big for a unique cool design with various color options to suit your style and the fact that it’s ultra portable so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space.


Function And Use

It’s one thing to enjoy your music yourself on a nice pair of headphones but when you’re at a party and you want to share some of your tracks with the rest of the guests one pair of headphones just won’t cut it. This is where ROCKI comes in. Initial setup is very easy, just download the ROCKI app for Android and follow the setup instructions in app. The app will basically discover your ROCKI on the network and then ask for your Wi-Fi password. Once the ROCKI is on your network and connected to your phone you can then find the system you want to connect it to.

ROCKI turns your stereo, car, boombox, clock radio or home theater into
a wireless music system – no need to replace perfectly good speakers!
Best of all, you can now stream Spotify using Spotify Connect directly to your ROCKI.


If you’re at a friends house just plug your ROCKI into his stereo system using the AUX or RCA cables provided. Once you’re on his Wi-Fi it’s just a matter of cueing up your local music library in the ROCKI app or opening Spotify, Deezer, or FamilyStream. Once you have some music playing just connect to your ROCKI and the music will start playing over whatever device you’re connected to. Pretty simply and straight forward.


ROCKI is an excellent solution to modify your existing stereo systems to play your music wirelessly as well as take your music to other places to share. The design is pretty cool and the colors offered are fun. It’s compact and portable and easy to setup and now works with Deezer and Spotify. With a $49 price tag it’s not exactly the cheapest device on the market but it’s also not a throw away piece of junk. It’s a solid build with easy to follow setup and use instructions and I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a device of this sort. The only thing that might hold someone back is the price tag, otherwise ROCKI makes a solid product and should be on your short list for devices of this sort.

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*We were sent a review unit of the ROCKI for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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