Pronto Smart Remote Review: Control All Your Devices With Your Phone

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We’ve come a long way in the technology we use and how we use it, but one thing that has remained consistent is the remote control. When you buy a TV, you get a remote control… add on a Blu-Ray player, add another remote… add on a cable box, add yet another remote… you get the idea. There are several solutions to this problem and one of them is the Pronto Smart Remote and this is the Pronto Smart Remote review.

Design & Size

When you hear the name Pronto Smart Remote the first thing you think of is an actual physical remote. The Pronto is actually a receiver that sits on your entertainment center and wirelessly controls all of your devices with your phone. Using an IR Blaster, you program your TV or any other device with the Pronto which sends the signal to the device (TV, Blu-Ray, or other device) to power on or off, adjust the volume up or down, or change channel. The included app is called the Peel App and it is available on the App Store as well as Google Play Store, although not all Android devices are supported.

The Pronto is very small, about the size of a salt shaker, give or take, and is easy to hide in your entertainment center away from view, just make sure you have that IR receiver where you can hit it. While there are other remotes you could buy from Logitech and the like, I enjoyed the idea of a receiver based remote which used my phone as the transmitter. Overall the design is nice, compact, and appealing – even if you leave it in sight. The Pronto uses 4 AA batteries for power, and Pronto claims they will last up to a year before needing to be replaced. The battery life, if the claim holds up, is pretty good, although I would have liked to see a rechargeable battery.


App & Use

The app itself is very slick, you can choose what cable/satellite provider you have and what region you are in and the app gives you all the TV listings on your provider. It separates programming by what’s On Now, Tonight On TV, Popular on Twitter, Not To Be Missed and more. If you tap on one of the shows you get a few options, if the show is currently playing it will ask if you want to view the show, tap it and it will change the channel to that show. If the show isn’t on or is coming up, it will ask you if you want a reminder, tap it and it will set a reminder for you to watch that show.

The app is further broken down into Top Picks, TV Shows, Movies and Sports, and overall it’s really well done and intuitive. I was able to connect very quickly to my 50″ Hisense TV, Apple TV and Direct TV box without issue. It’s really a joy to use your phone rather than fumble around for remotes everywhere and the addition of the content guide makes it that much better. Overall the Peel app and the use of the Pronto were much better than I expected, everything worked as advertised without an issue.


The Pronto and the Peel App are an excellent replacement for anyone seeking to shed multiple remotes. The hardware works with most every device out there, I am sure there are some that might not be supported but I think the major brands are there. The app itself is well done and well thought out with great features. The price point of $59 is pretty spot on as well, I think there’s a lot of value here for $59 and it is worth it. The only major pitfall the Pronto faces is limited Android device support. While it works well with iOS devices not all Androids are supported. I suggest you go to the Playstore and try and download the Peel app before buying to see if your device is compatible. You can buy Pronto on their website or head over to Best Buy as they have inked a deal to be sold there as well.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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