Gucci Partnering With For New Smartwatch


It seems like every company is trying to get their foot in the door with the smartwatch arena lately. Tag Heuer just announced that they will be creating an Android Wear watch, and now Gucci is collaborating with former Black Eyed Peas star,, to create their own standalone watch that won’t need to be connected to your phone.

Speaking during the announcement of the new watch, stated,

The word ‘wearables’ is coming from an industry that’s never put anything on your body. So the idea of Gucci having technology in their product, it’s no longer wearable; it’s just devices or objects that are intelligent.

Not much is known about the new Gucci smartwatch other than it will include a front facing camera, 3G, GPS, be able to control music, and have its own digital assistant named Anita. The price tag for the Gucci smartwatch will probably be quite high as well. did have a prototype with him that he was showing off looked quite large on his wrist, but that is something that might change in design before final release. is not a new player when it comes to smartwatches: he released one already called the Puls, which wasn’t met with very high reviews. From the prototype that he had with him it looked quite similar to the Puls. also said that “in developing together a device that is both fashionable and technologically advanced, we will create something that is unique in the marketplace. From the very start, I coined the term ‘fashionology,’ a merging of the worlds of fashion and technology, which is exactly what this collaboration with Gucci represents.”


Most smartwatches that are currently on the market still require your phone to be connected to the device in order for you to get the most functionality out of it. It is interesting seeing other companies trying to come in to replace your smartphone all together with just a watch on your wrist.

What do you think of and Gucci trying to make a fashionable smartwatch to replace your phone? Do you think it is something that will catch on or will more people want to keep their phones and use Android Wear or Apple Watch devices in conjunction with them?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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