Filming The Walking Dead's Most Gruesome Death


It’s fair to say that this past Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was one of the series’ goriest. With two deaths that pushed the boundaries of what levels of gruesomeness can be shown on television, a lot of work understandably went into filming – but what exactly goes into recording someone having their face torn off? If that question has been burning a whole in your brain for some weird reason, AMC has your answer with a behind-the-scenes featurette they released yesterday.
In case you’re already forgotten about or blocked the bloody scenario out of your head: Noah, Glenn, and Nicholas were stuck in a revolving door with walkers on nearly every side. As it was revealed earlier in the episode, Nicholas and the now-dead Aiden are total cowards, and Nicholas lives up to that idea by making a break for it at the first sign of freedom instead of sticking around so Glenn and Noah get out to. This leads to the door opening too far on the Glenn/Noah side, and Noah being pulled out, then slammed back into the glass and torn apart just inches from Glenn’s face.

The three-minute video posted by AMC details the work that went into the horrific event with interviews from the director of the episode, Jennifer Lynch, construction coordinator Roger Scruggs, stunt coordinator Monty Simons, and several actors from the show.
As it is explained, the building where the scene takes place did not even initially have a revolving door. Instead, the 800-pound construct was built by the Walking Dead crew themselves and put in place specifically for this scene. Previously the lobby they are filming in had four simple glass doors on hinges.
One interesting aspect of the door that probably doesn’t enters viewers mind (it certainly didn’t mine) is the fact that it had to be coordinated in such a way that none of the actors portraying the undead walkers would be hurt. During the scene in the show, they are constantly reaching their hands into the door, which would obviously be extremely dangerous in a real-world scenario. But, being that this is television, Scruggs was able to coordinate everything so that one side of the door would never be closing while the walker’s hands were reaching into the open area.
Since The Walking Dead wussed out and wouldn’t actually rip Tyler James Williams to pieces, an extremely life-like mold was created. This mold, called a livecast, was created and subsequently destroyed by a group of hungry background actors. Even watching knowing this is a behind-the-scenes look without all the editing in post, the whole looks incredibly real.
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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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