Blizzard's Overwatch Adds Heroes And Character Diversity


Unveiled a few weeks ago, Blizzard’s Overwatch continues to add new heroes to the already impressive line-up of characters to choose from in their upcoming new title. Now totaling 14 heroes, Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Game Director, introduced two new entries: the “ultimate futuristic gunslinger”, McCree and former weightlifter turned freedom fighter, Zarya.
McCree’s official page reveals that the former Overwatch hero’s real name is Jesse McCree: he’s a 37-year-old bounty hunter from Santa Fe, New Mexico. McCree dishes out justice via his weapon dubbed “Peacekeeper” and he’s so adept with the weapon that he can unleash its six rounds exceptionally fast. As an experienced gunslinger, he’s able to do a Combat Roll, easily diving forward while reloading his weapon, and he also carries a Flashbang which staggers enemies within a small radius. His ultimate ability is Deadeye, a gunslinger special – drawing the weapon, focusing the target, and shooting every enemy in sight.

Aleksandra Zaryanova, or Zarya for short, hails from Krasnoyarsk Front, Russia. Seemingly headed for a successful career in weightlifting and body building, the 28-year-old enlisted in the Russian Defense Forces when her village was attacked by the Siberian omnium. Her primary weapon is a Particle Cannon that unleashes a beam of devastating energy, or shoots a burst of the energy to hit multiple targets. She also has a Particle Barrier which protects her and also absorbs the energy from incoming attacks and charges her own weapon’s damage and range. In true tank form, Zarya’s personal barrier can be extended into a Projected Barrier to surround her allies and keep them from harmful attacks as well, while again absorbing the incoming energy to boost her Particle Cannon’s strength. Zarya’s ultimate ability is a Gravitation Surge which is a bomb that pulls enemies into a central location and then explodes, doing damage to everyone within a small radius.

Kaplan went on to make a point that fans have been looking for more diversity in heroes from body type to race to gender and assured the audience to say that the Overwatch team hears them, with Zarya being a direct response to those wishes. A new payload map, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, was also revealed. Beta testing will begin sometime in the fall and interested fans can already opt in for a chance to be a beta tester through Blizzard’s website.
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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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