Fraggle Rock Movie Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt Coming


Children’s classic TV series Fraggle Rock looks to be finally making its way to the big screen. bringing the delights of Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs to a new generation. It’s the involvement of actor and lifelong fan Joseph Gordon-Levitt which has pushed the Muppet project forward.
joseph_gordon_levitt_by_cozmiclove-d5qgronThere have been plans for a movie version for a decade, but Gordon-Levitt’s involvement has given the project a boost.
“The first screen personas I ever loved were Henson creations, first on Sesame Street, and then on Fraggle Rock,” he told Variety. “Jim Henson’s characters make you laugh and sing, but they’re also layered, surprising and wise. From Oscar the Grouch to Yoda to the Fraggles.”

I’ve never stopped loving his work, even as a young frisky man, and on into adulthood. Collaborating with [Jim Henson Company CEO] Lisa Henson makes me confident we can do something that Jim would have loved. I’m grateful and excited to be working with New Regency on this project.

Fraggle Rock was an international co-production which ran from 1983 to 1987. It was unusual in that, while the main storylines were the same internationally, different context wraparounds were filmed for the UK (based around a lighthouse keeper), France (a baker) and Germany (a different version of the inventor Doc character seen in the international version).

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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