iPhone 6 Plus Moshi Kameleon And iVisor Glass Review

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One of the nice things about owning an iPhone, from the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 6 Plus you have a massive amount of choice when it comes to cases. So here we are once again with another iPhone 6 Plus case review and this time around we’re visiting Moshi once again. This time Moshi sent us their iPhone 6 Plus Moshi Kameleon case along with their iVisor Glass screen protector for iPhone 6 Plus and this is their video review.

The Kameleon is a solid and well designed case, this time around Moshi didn’t make the mistake they made with the iGlaze Armour with the molded buttons. These buttons are much more tactile and feel tons better than the more inferior Armour. The padding on the inside of the Kameleon is a welcome addition giving a nice supple place for the back of your iPhone to rest. The kickstand is a nice addition and I honestly used it more than I thought I would. Overall the Kameleon is top notch and well worth your time to look at and consider.

The iVisor Glass is also a great addition to your overall iPhone protection. The glass screen protector doesn’t adhere like other screen protectors and is reusable and washable, that alone is a huge added value. iVisor Glass is also the only edge to edge iPhone screen protector on the market and is bubble free. As it stands right now, Moshi’s Kameleon case is by far my favorite iPhone 6 Plus case on the market. I’ve tested a lot of cases and this one just has a great feel combined with just the right amount of protection.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Moshi Kameleon and iVisor by Moshi for the purposes of this review

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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