You Can Help Fund Super Troopers 2 Right Meow


It’s been over a decade in the making, but Super Troopers 2 may finally be coming soon. The group behind the first film, Broken Lizard, have started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the sequel which already has a script written. They have set a rather higher goal of $2,000,000, but considering the immense fan desire for a sequel and the fact that a similar project recently passed two million in the first week, it doesn’t seem all that implausible.

According to their campaign page, the script is written, the “mustaches are thick, furry, and authoritative,” they have a studio ready to distribute the film, and all they need to do is fund it themselves – which is why they have turned to crowd funding. The further they go over their initial goal, the more crazy stuff will be in the movie, and the wider they can distribute it.
In true Broken Lizard fashion, the details of the crowd funding effort are laid out with helpful visuals, funny one-liners, and already feels right at home with Super Troopers. As this handy dandy graphic explains, if they do not reach their $2 million goal by the deadline, the movie will not be made and Farva will die in the one and only trailer. If they surpass the goal it will be the best movie ever.
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For only a $10 backing, fans will receive a digital version of the script, which includes the final shooting script, set photos, and more hand-written jokes that the crew wrote while working on said script. If you happen to have $35,000 laying around and decide to back the film with it you will receive the patrol car that they use in the movie. Other higher perks include the $10,000 level which would have granted you the ability to have a speaking part in the film, but it has already been purchased.
With how much Super Troopers has been ingrained into so many people’s minds with its endless shenanigans, memorable quotes, and cult hit status, it might be hard to forget just how cheaply the film was made. When all was said it done, it had a final production of around $1.2 million.
If you want to check out other perks and rewards as well as help fund the project, head over to their Indiegogo campaign page.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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