Durham Bulls Reveal Game Of Thrones-Inspired Jerseys


Less than a month away from opening night for baseball, and already the pop culture-themed uniforms have begun to be unveiled. First up is the Triple-A Durham Bulls, who have revealed a Game of Thrones-inspired jersey that they will be wearing during their own Game of Thrones Night on April 23.
bullsigilThe team’s’ normal logo of a bull bursting out of a giant D will be replaced with a more Game of Thrones appropriate Sigil. A a bull rearing over seven stars that represent the seven stars on the City of Durham’s flag will be emblazoned on the chest of their blue, geometric uniforms.
Along with a new logo inspired by the Sigils displayed by various houses in the HBO series, the Durham Bulls (or as they will be known: the “Bulls of House Durham”) will sport their own house words on their sleeves – “Hitteh Bull Winneth Steak.”
Like an unprepared minor House, the team hasn’t accounted for a surprise attack, and jerseys don’t contain actual chainmail or any real protection from bowmen or blazing fastballs – but they are being created for a worthy cause nonetheless. Once Game of Thrones Night concludes, the team’s jerseys will be auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting the Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League.
Whether or not they plan to play the Rains of Castamere at least once hasn’t been disclosed, but honestly the entire thing is a waste if they don’t.
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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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