Moshi iPhone 6 Kameleon Kloak Is A Revolution In Case Design


We’ve always had great luck with Moshi branded products from their cases to their cables and soon to come review of their iPad Air keyboard case and iLynx USB hub. Moshi has long been a premium maker of Apple accessories and they continue the trend with the all new Moshi iPhone 6 Kameleon Kloak case. We have yet to get a review unit from Moshi but believe me, I am super excited to get this case in hand. For now we’re just being teased with a video of the Moshi iPhone 6 Kameleon Kloak, check it out below as well as its features.

  • Elegant protection with slim yet durable aluminum kickstand for convenient viewing in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Unique nanocrystal lattice technology for seamless color adaptation to surroundings
  • Raised bezel protects the display when iPhone is laid flat
  • Lightweight and durable materials for extended product life

That is straight up insane if you ask me! Having your case adapt and blend in with your surroundings is pretty awesome, although it might cause one or a few people to lose track of their iPhone. Here’s what Moshi had to say about the Kloak.

Imagine an iPhone 6 case that adapts to you – a case so smart, it senses your environment and transforms itself to reflect your surroundings.

Today, we at Moshi are proud to introduce Kameleon Kloak, the only iPhone case on the market that uses the power of the chameleon to seamlessly transform its design to match your current environment.

Researchers from the University of Geneva published a paper in Nature Communications last month that unveiled the secret to the chameleon’s ability to change from one color to another at will. The team discovered that the chameleon has a layer of cells, called iridophores, which contains guanine nanocrystals in a lattice pattern. When the lattice shape is at rest, it generally reflects blue light. But, as the lattice expands, there is an increase in the reflection of yellow and red light.

Taking inspiration from this research, our team of material scientists and engineers at Moshi created cutting-edge material that mimics the properties found in chameleon skin and applied it to one of the most common accessories in our everyday lives – our phone case.

The result: A case that is smart enough to change its design to suit you, wherever you may be. A case that blends so seamlessly into its surroundings that only you will know where it is.

Moshi says the Kameleon Kloak is going to be a limited supply run and super rare to get your hands on, there’s going to be a 1 day only sale starting April 1st so you better get your credit cards out! April Fools! It is April 1st somewhere in the world right now!!

Thanks to the folks at Moshi for letting us have a little fun with them and thanks to you the reader for falling for this, or not. Check out Moshi’s blog for more! Have a great Spring everyone!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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