An Agents Of SHIELD Spinoff Is In The Works


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Marvel is “quietly developing” an Agents of SHIELD spinoff for ABCDetails are sparse at the moment, and Agents of SHIELD still is not officially renewed for a third season, but this spinoff appears to be moving forward with Agents of SHIELD veterans at the helm.

Developing the spinoff will be Agents of SHIELD executive producer Jeff Bell, and Agents of SHIELD writer Paul Zbyszewski.

Also in the EW report is the fact that the show will be launched on its own (similar to Fear The Walking Dead) and not with an implanted pilot episode like CW did when they launched The Flash out of Arrow. Currently the project has a fall 2015 to early 2016 release window. There is a possibility that this SHIELD spinoff could run during Agents of SHIELD‘s inevitable third season’s mid-season break – similar to role that Agent Carter filled earlier this year.

Actual cast members or what characters will be involved is still up in the air, but Marvel obviously still has countless characters to fall back on as part of the show. Agents of SHIELD has brought up minor characters and even created a few of their own, so it’s not a longshot to think that this Agents of SHIELD spinoff could do the same.

Marvel continues to expand its cinematic universe further outside of the movies with this spinoff as well. First it was Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter on ABC, then starting tomorrow Daredevil debuts, which has been confirmed to tie into the MCU.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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