The Dark Tower Movie Rights Purchased By Sony Pictures; TV Series Coming From MRC

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The headline of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series being made into a movie and/or television series is one that has been repeated for years now, with nothing ever coming of it. However, a new team-up between Sony Pictures and MRC could make the possibility of seeing the beloved novel series brought to the big screen a reality in a big way.

The-Dark-Tower-CoversThe Dark Tower, if you haven’t a chance to sink your teeth into the 8-novel series, is about gunslinger Roland Deschain and his eventual friend Jake. The horror fantasy series takes many twists and turns throughout each book, and builds up an amazing world to delve into filled with several bizarre and interesting characters along the way. Outside of the main series, The Dark Tower has also spawned a prequel comic book series that tells the story of Roland before the events of the novels, as well as several other comics based on Stephen King’s related works.

According to a Deadline report, Sony is planning to release the first in a series of movies, while MRC will be working on a complementary TV series. The project will be co-funded by the two studios.

In its current state, the script for the first film in the movie adaptation will follow the first book, The Gunslinger, which establishes the relationship between Roland and Jake to kick off the series. The script is being co-written by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinker, both writers who have roots in similarly twisting-and-turning, surreal TV series and movies such as LOST, Fringe, I Am Legend, and others.

Goldsman and Pinker’s script is a re-used version of the one that started with Universal Studios and eventually passed on to Warner Bros. in 2012 where it was essentially dead-on-arrival. There were rumors at one point that the novel series would be adapted into an HBO series along with three movies (at least one of which would be directed by Ron Howard), but those plans eventually fell through at Universal Studios.

Stephen King has always been open to his projects being adapted into other mediums, even licensing out his biggest properties for only $1. This Dark Tower adaptation has been one he’s wanted for a while now, and a recent statement he released about the Sony Pictures and MRC acquisition relays his excitement for the project:

I’m excited that The Dark Tower is finally going to appear on the screen. Those who have traveled with Roland and his friends in their search for the Dark Tower are going to have their long-held hopes fully realized. This is a brilliant and creative approach to my books.

Longtime fans of The Dark Tower who have been yearning for a movie or TV series for decades will be the first to tell you not to get your hopes up too high just yet. The series has a large fan base already, but that base has been burned several times over by studios claiming excitement for the project before it falls through. There is hope though, as Sony Pictures and MRC seem to be putting the project in the fast lane in order to compete with other big studios and their multi-film franchises – such as Disney and their Marvel and Star Wars franchises.

At this time, there are no casting or directors in place for the film or TV series. Sony Pictures is reportedly waiting on a director before filling any other spots.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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