STM Drifter Backpack Review: Larger Than It Looks

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A good backpack is an essential tool for many people from bicyclist to the tech junkie who has too many toys. There are a variety of bags on the market, some are all purpose and some are made to serve a certain need. Mountain climbers are going to require a different setup than someone who’s walking in a big city to work. And of course us tech junkies also need a bag that fits around our lifestyle. This is the STM Drifter backpack review, it’s larger than it looks and has a cool hidden feature. Check out the video review below.

As you can see the STM Drifter is an amazing bag for those of us who carry our tech with us constantly. The laptop section is well padded for great protection as is the tablet section. The middle pocket is very deep and holds a good amount of devices or anything else you want to throw in there. The three pockets up front are also wide and deep and expandable. The side pockets are great for beverages and valuables. The front clasp is perfect for keeping some of the weight off your shoulders and the padding on the back keeps your back comfy and air flowing. Overall the STM Drifter is one of the best bags I’ve used and it should be on your short list of tech backpacks to buy. Check out STM’s website at the link below to pick up your Drifter or browse their other selections.

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*We were sent a review unit of the STM Drifter Backpack for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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