Daredevil Season 2 Coming In 2016; New Showrunners Attached


Marvel’s street-level superhero series Daredevil is coming back for a second season exclusively on Netflix sometime in 2016. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as the show has garnered almost overwhelming positive reviews, and is a big part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe going forward. Daredevil will be part of the Defenders series on Netflix, and rumors are that the character will even appear in future Avengers films.

One surprising difference, however, is the news that the show will no longer be helmed by Steven DeKnight and Drew Goddard. Instead, those duties will pass to Doug Petrie (known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and American Horror Story) and Marco Ramirez (known for Sons of Anarchy). Ramirez, Petrie, Goddard, and Jeph Loeb will serve as the series’ executive producers.

Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdock, a man blinded at a young age who uses his newfound powers to fight crime at night, while working as a fledgling lawyer during the day with his partner, Foggy Nelson. Much of the show’s first season featured a makeshift black mask as the Daredevil suit, but the final look of the costume is revealed towards the end. That costume will presumably play a big part in the forthcoming seasons.

The Daredevil series is part of a collaboration between ABC Studios (owned by Marvel’s owner, Disney) and Netflix. It is one of four separate Marvel superhero shows that will eventually culminate in a Defenders series starring all four heroes after they’ve had their own solo seasons. Besides Daredevil, the other Defenders involved include Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.

Netflix also recently renewed another hit show, House of Cardsfor another season. They are proving to be taking their exclusive Netflix Original programming very seriously as a part of their strategy going forward.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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