Microsoft Unveils Huge Announcements At Build Developers Conference


Microsoft kicked off one of their biggest weeks of the year with their Build Developers Conference and CEO Satya Nadella, in his 24th year of attendance headed up the keynote speech. Nadella outlined the vision of Microsoft, the purpose of the conference, and how both were so connected – a developer and platform company created by developers for developers. After showcasing a handy application for music composition with composer and developer David William Hearn, Nadella announced the three main focuses of the conference: Cloud platform, Office as a platform, and Windows 10.

Various guest speakers and presenters were brought up to showcase Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing program, as well as applications, highlights, and features and more coming from Microsoft. Here’s a summary of what Microsoft announced:

  • Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2015: VSC is a code editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux, that features color coding, code peeking, and IntelliSense. It’s currently available for a free download at VS 2015 features Visual Studio Online, a tool for continuous integration, analytics, source control, load testing, and various other features.
  • SQL Data Warehouse: Microsoft’s solution for easy aggregation and storage of petabytes of data, scaling up and down as needs shift within seconds and can be a hybrid across Azure and on-premesis servers.
  • Azure Data Lake Service: Storage and management of an infinite amount of data, kept in original form.
  • Microsoft Office:  An enormous amount of add-ins to be available for all Office programs between third parties like LinkedIn, Skype, Uber, PicHit.Me, to connect users directly to the tools they need while already in the Office application. Examples were a PicHit.Me add-in to Powerpoint so users could add stock images right into the presentation directly, LinkedIn add-in for Outlook so senders could see the LinkedIn profiles of their contacts, etc.
  • Microsoft Store: A huge re-vamp will be underway and will soon include Android apps and Apple apps available for Windows. A Microsoft Store for Businesses is also in the works, focusing on Enterprises, Schools, and other major organizations that want to customize their experience, promote preferred apps, include private apps, and support business-style ordering.
  • Windows 10: will be a free upgrade for the first year of release as Microsoft is looking for a quick adoption of the new platform.
  • Cortana: some impressive upgrades were shown, most notably her ability to use apps without the user having to manually open them demonstrated by a text message sent through the Viber program, all instructed through voice command.
  • Windows 10 Continuum: allows your Windows smartphone to be used like a PC, wireless keyboard and mouse capabilities and all. Users can copy and paste from their phone to the connected PC, accessing all Office programs from the phone itself.
  • Microsoft Edge: Formerly Project Spartan, now officially branded, and will be a universal Windows app. Edge features many Chrome extensions natively within the browser like the Reddit Enhancement Suite, Pinterest extension, etc.
  • Hololens: mostly a highlight reel showcasing the enhanced capabilities, research Microsoft has put into the tech and development, uses beyond gaming including the medical field, architecture, etc. The Hololens will be limited, and users can sign up on the official website to learn more.

Microsoft dropped some pretty interesting information and they haven’t even talked about the Windows 10 release date yet. With 2 more full days left, there is certainly a lot to look forward to, stay tuned to Techaeris to stay up to date on the latest!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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