“Game of 72” Facebook Game Challenges Teens To Vanish For 72 Hours


A new Facebook challenge called the Game of 72 is urging teens to vanish for 72 hours. We’re not talking about simply staying off of the social media site, but rather the goal of the challenge is to vanish completely for a full 72 hours and get points based on how much panic the teen causes. While the challenge seems to be limited to Europe at the moment, police in Vancouver, B.C., Canada have taken notice and as a result have issued a warning to parents regarding the game.

Constable Brian Montague told Global News that between 3,000 to 4,000 missing person reports are filed each year in the Vancouver area.

“So to add to the workload of our obviously very busy investigators, for cases that are a prank or a game, is something we don’t want to see.”

Not only does a prank missing person case add to an already busy workload, teens need to be aware that charges could be filed if the false report turns into a criminal investigation. Police issued the warning in hopes that parents would once again discuss with their kids about any behaviour they may be engaged in online.

“We live in a society of things going viral and if this is a trend that exists in one part of the world, trends travel and social media makes that easier to occur,” says social media expert Jesse Miller. “What I think is a  benefit is if we are opening up a dialogue about something that seems absolutely ridiculous, if a parent does have their child say ‘well that seems stupid, I shouldn’t do that’, that’s a good thing.”

Chalk this one up to another dumb Internet trend that can not only cause a lot of unnecessary worry, but waste valuable police resources and funds.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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