Huggies 3D Prints Unborn Baby’s Face For Blind Mother


There will forever be arguments for and against the rapid acceleration of technology, those who push against it and those who embrace it fully. Whatever side of the coin you might be on there is always at least one happening that will inevitably pull people together. Those happenings don’t occur often, but when they do you know it. Huggies 3D prints a babies face from an ultrasound so his blind mother could experience what he looks like. Just watch the video below and break out your Kleenex cause it will break open a few tear ducts.

After watching that video only one word came out of my mouth, amazing! 3D printing is proving that it has a vast and useable reach and Huggies just proved that. I can’t imagine what that mommy was feeling inside but it brought joy to my heart to see her crying with happiness. Whether you embrace the path technology is taking or you push against it, you have to admit that watching Murilo’s face being 3D printed and his mother overcome with joy is pretty awesome. What do you think about baby Murilo’s face being 3D printed from an ultrasound? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+ Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks Joanne for the tip!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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