The Flash Review: “Fast Enough”

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Let me start with this; it took about 15 minutes to even know how to start this. The season finale of The Flash was everything you want in a show like this. It has action, emotion and some real WTF moments. And the best part? I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

There were all kinds of theories that Barry wouldn’t make it or would choose not to go or that his mom would tell him not to. But to have Future Barry tell Past Barry not to do it? Nope, didn’t predict that one. Or that Eddie would kill himself? Mind. Blown.

The entire first two-thirds of the episode was setting you up to have Barry go back, save his mom and slipt the timeline again. Hell, even the preview trailer hinted at it. And hinted at that change causing an ELE (extinction level event).

Ronnis and Catlin getting married. Cisco realizing that Thawne killing Barry’s mom meant they were already living in an alternate timeline. Joe pretending that Barry saving his mom was the right thing. Subtle and not-so-subtle hints that once again everything was going to be reset by Barry traveling back.

And then is isn’t. Not only did he not save his mother but he prevents Thawne from going home. And then.. and then to have Eddie realize what the Coincidence (after you watch it you will know why that’s capitalized) really meant and solve the problem once and for all.

Holy carp.

This episode was a solid 10. I laughed several times (mostly at Cisco’s nerd references) and came to tears more than once.

And I sat slack jawed for the last 10 minutes. So yes, this was a perfect end to the first season.

Oh, and let’s not forget the hint at the Jay Garrick version of Flash (the helmet that comes out of the wormhole) and the potential of multiple timelines and universes (specifically Earth 2).

I’m so looking forward to season 2!

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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