Here Earbuds Promise ‘Superhuman Hearing 1.0’


Imagine being able to turn down the volume of street noise, cut out the noise of a screaming child or adjust the volume and balance of music to your satisfaction. Sounds very sci-fi, but this is what Here earbuds promise to do for you.

Funded through Kickstarter, Doppler’s earbuds promise a whole new way of hearing the world. This is not just about cutting out or reducing particular sounds, but also enhancing them, for instance at concerts.

Different ways Here earbuds could be used

The earbuds are neither headphones nor hearing aids, but a first step into the world of audio wearables (or ‘hearables’ as Doppler terms them).

“Hearing is a human feature, and we want to make that awesome,” says Doppler executive chairman Fritz Lanman. “Just having a volume knob in your ears is amazing.”

But Here earbuds are more than just a volume knob, offering the opportunity to tune out or adapt different types of sound. The device is controlled through an app on a smartphone, giving the user quick and easy options.

Doppler CEO Noah Kraft calls it “superhuman hearing 1.0.”

Although the earbuds are perhaps a little clunky at the moment (this is, after all, a prototype), their creators promise that there is less than 30 microseconds of delay from exterior sound arriving at the external microphone to being processed to being heard. A variety of different processing algorithms are used to analyse and alter different frequency ranges entering the ear.

Here earbud diagram
Doppler’s diagram of how Here earbuds work

Here earbuds are expected to launch in December 2015.

What do you think of the idea of Here earbuds? Would you buy them? What uses do you see ‘hearables’ being used for in the future?

Let us know in the comments below or by Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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