Microsoft Renamed Black Tusk Studios To The Coalition


The game development studio behind the Gears of War franchise has just undergone a new name change and will from now on be known as The Coalition.  The purpose behind it is so that people will associate The Coalition with the Gears of War games much like people already associate 343 Industries with Halo or Turn 10 with Forza.  According to the former studio head of Black Tusk Studios, the new head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson:

A lot of it has to do with who we are as a team.  Over the last years since I’ve been here the culture of the studio has changed a lot.  We’ve brought a lot of great people on.  We’re doing amazing work.  It’s really about just speaking to the teamwork and that’s what The Coalition is.  It is sort of a collection of diverse individuals for a common purpose.  We felt like we wanted something that spoke to that and that’s the circle of C’s going around and The Coalition name really speaks to that.  We also wanted something that harkens to Gears of War that people know.  Like when you look at the other Microsoft Studios, when you know 343 you know you’re going to work on Halo.  If you go to Turn 10 you know you’re working on a racing game.  We wanted people to go ‘I’m going to work at The Coalition” and you know you’re making a Gears of War game.

Fans of Gears of War will also recognize the tie-in to the series from the Coalition of Ordered Government or COG throughout the franchise.  Aside from the name changing announcement a bit was teased about what they will be announcing at E3.  Perhaps a new Gears of War game or maybe a remastered collection like Halo: The Master Chief Collection?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

You can watch the “Rodcast” below from Rod Fergusson to see him make the official announcement himself.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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