Nicole Perlman (Guardians Of The Galaxy) Tapped To Rewrite Script For Hugh Howey’s Wool Movie Adaptation

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Fans of Hugh Howey’s Wool series should be particularly happy these days as it’s recently been reported that Nicole Perlman will be rewriting the script for the film adaptation of the story. Among Perlman’s writing credits is the well-loved Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which she co-wrote.

Wool started as a series of five novellas later combined into the first book of Hugh Howey’s Silo series. Wool takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, where all humanity knows is life inside of an underground silo. The air outside is toxic, and the only window to the outside world comes via a camera. Residents deemed unworthy for life in the silo – criminals, insubordinates, or anyone who even dares to talk about the outside world – will be sentenced to clean. They are sent outside of the silo with a small wool cloth which they’ll use to clean any built-up dirt on the camera before the toxic atmosphere eats through their protective suit, killing them.

Wool has received nearly universal praise, making for a great success story for Howey himself. The movie rights were quickly bought by 20th Century Fox in a contested bidding war in 2012. Both Ridley Scott and Steve Zaillian have signed on as producers for the film, though no director or cast have been announced.

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the entire Silo series, I’m quite interested to see this movie come to fruition. It will be interesting to see how they break up the story, as the first novella would make for a compelling movie on its own. I doubt we’ll be that lucky though, as I’d imagine they’ll try to fit the entire Wool story into this movie. Pending the film’s financial results, maybe we’ll be able to see the sequels, Shift and Dust made into feature films as well.

If you’ve not yet read Wool or its sequels, I’d highly recommend checking them out. The story is compelling, the characters are well-written and interesting, and if you’ve got Ridley Scott and Steve Zaillian on board for the film adaptation, you’re obviously doing something right!

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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