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This is your weekly wrap up of the comics that were released on June 3, 2015. Just a quick reminder of what we have going on here: every week we have a Comic of the Week that is awarded to the author’s favorite comic this week. Then a smattering of other comics will be discussed and will be given a score of Buy, Borrow, or Pass, those scores representing what the author thinks you should do with these books. This list is not comprehensive of all comics released or even all comics from particular publishers. It’s just some comic talk. Relax.

The Autumnlands Tooth and Claw #6 – Comic of the Week

Once upon a time I called Kurt Busiek my favorite comic book author of all time. I still hold him in high regard and rank him close to the top. This book has shown, even more so than Astro City, that Busiek still has it. The world of Autumnlands is a world full of anthropomorphic characters of all varieties where magic is a resource in short supply, and the citizens of a floating city have fallen from the sky. The main characters of this book have placed their faith in a man from the past and they are being pursued by a group of warrior bison. This issue continues to build the story and deepen the characters. The art by Benjamin Dewey and colors by Jordie Bellaire make this one of the most unique books on the stands.

Autumnlands 6-2 Autumnlands 6

The Amazing Spider-Man #18.1 – Borrow

A book from Marvel actually not a part of Secret Wars. This continues the ongoing story surrounding Wraith, Peter, and Black Cat. It was fine. Not much to note or go on about. If you’ve been enjoying Spider-Man this is more of the same with a slight step back in art.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 – Borrow

I wanted to make this a buy but I couldn’t. If you wish “One More Day” had never happened this should be right up your alley. It’s written by Dan Slott so you know the characters are all going to be nailed down perfectly. Slott was channeling an older style with this story and that may have detracted from the story instead of added to it. The art is pencilled by Adam Kubert and honestly I was disappointed. I feel like Kubert can wildly swing from one awesome panel or page to a really crummy one right after it. It’s something that I have seen in  his art before and it’s a bit maddening. I will definitely buy the next issue, but I can’t recommend this one as a buy.

Renew Your Vows

Action Comics #41 – Buy

Aaron Kuder. Remember that name. He’s the reason this is a buy. I’m not sure about this new status quo. The world knows Clark Kent is Superman. His power levels have dropped significantly. He has a buzz cut. He’s back in jeans and a tee shirt and he is on a motorcycle for part of the issue. It makes me sad that this is Superman. It’s like editorial and the authors threw in the towel because they just didn’t know how to write Superman and this is basically a different character with the same name. It’s a buy because the art tickles me in all the right ways and the story wasn’t bad.

Action Comics 41

Action Comics 41

All New X-Men #41 – Buy

It’s a buy but there isn’t much to say. The series is wrapping up. Bendis is done with the X Universe. The art is good. The story is good. If you’re interested, just go back to when All New started and when Uncanny started it’s new series.

All New X-Men 41
They really like to use this shot.

Armor Wars #1 – Pass

Get ready to hear a similar refrain for the rest of the article. Many of the Secret Wars tie ins are new takes on old events. I feel like on some of these books they just don’t resonate if you did not read the original event, even if it is barely related. Armor Wars #1 did nothing for me. It’s written by James Robinson who is hit or miss for me and the art is by Marcio Takara, who I generally love but this just didn’t work. I don’t know what Takara is doing here but I felt like the inks were heavy handed and a hot mess. The colors by Esther Sanz aren’t working for me either. Such a shame.

Future Imprefect #1 – Buy

I can’t believe I am writing this. I don’t like Peter David. I don’t like Greg Land. I really liked this book though. I think I have found what it takes for me to like Land. It’s a Hulk and this story features the future version of the Hulk named the Maestro, originally created by Peter David. The word out of Marvel is that the Maestro will be hanging around after Secret Wars in the new Marvel Universe which adds to his importance but that is in no way affecting my opinion of the book. It was fun and had some new characters that seemed pretty cool. There was also a twist that I did not see coming. This is not going to blow you away but it’s very solid.

Green Lantern #41 – Pass

I stopped reading Green Lantern when Geoff Johns stopped writing it and honestly I was very done before he was. Seeing that there was a change in direction, that I had not read Green Lantern in a while, and that I don’t read a lot from DC, I decided to give this a shot. Unfortunately, it was drawn by Billy tan. The story was meh and the art was kind of serviceable. Alex Sinclair is still a good colorist which is cool I guess. I really wanted to dig this.

Jupiter’s Circle #3 – Buy

Very good simple art from Wilfredo Torres. Clean lines. Vibrant colors from Ive Svorcina. Another story about old super heroes behaving less than perfect. Millar continues to deliver.

Jupiters Circle 3

Justice League #41 – Buy

Coming out of Free Comic Book Day and heading straight into a new Summer event, we get chapter one of “The Darkseid War”. It’s a popcorn story from Geoff Johns and has very good art from Jason Fabok with colors by Brad Anderson. We get some Justice League action. We see Darkseid. We see Mister Miracle. It’s all very DC house style which is a bit disappointing but it’s done so well you’ll have a hard time not liking it. Check it out.

Justice League 41 - Darkseid Justice League 41

Nailbiter #13 – Borrow

Nailbiter is a horror book from Image that has been around for a little while now. It started off very strong but is starting to lose its momentum with me. It’s a borrow in quality but if you have not been reading move along and maybe consider the first trade (Image usually releases a very cheap first trade.)

The Omega Men #1 – Pass

I have no familiarity with the Omega Men. I’ve never read anything with them in it. I had literally no idea what was going on. The art was excellent but this was just too nonsensical to recommend. I’m going to continue but I won’t ask you to come on this journey with me unless subsequent issues get much better.

Secret Wars #3 – Buy

Secret Wars keeps chugging along and this is more of the same. We get more explanations. We find out the fate of the heroes from the 616. We see Miles Morales and get a clue as to how he was survive the destruction of the Ultimate Universe. It continued to look awesome thanks to Esad Ribic and the unthinkable happened as this issue showed us what Victor Von Doom looks like without his mask. That’s okay though because it seems like this is the title that earned it and it feels right in. This did not fill me with the same awe as issue 2 did but it continued the story and did it well.

Secret Wars 3 Secret Wars 3-2

Secret Wars: Battleworld #2 – Pass

Another Battleworld issue with the first chapter being a 70s exploitation Blade crossing over with Howard the Duck. It was ridiculous and fun with great art. The second part was a story about General Thunderbolt Ross as a War Machine in the same gladiatorial arena we saw in Planet Hulk #1I could not care less about the second story and while the first was fun, it was not fun enough to make me genuinely care.

Battleworld 2
Didn’t see that joke coming

Battleworld 2-2

Superior Iron-Man #9 – Pass

I’m kind of over this book. It was fun early on but I don’t want to follow evil Tony Stark anymore. I’m not enjoying it. Yildray Cinrar is talented but even the art is starting to bother me.

Extinction Agenda #1 – Pass

I never read the original Extinction Agenda this felt kind of impenetrable.The art by Carmine Di Giandomenico very nice. I just didn’t have touchstones to this story and didn’t care. Look at the art. Maybe it is for you.

Years of Future Past #1 – Borrow

Maybe it’s because I have a little more knowledge of Days of Future Past than Extinction Agenda but I liked this more. The art by Mike Norton felt reminiscent and inspired by the original series while still having a modern feel.I like the way Norton draws faces and the colors by Fco Plasencia set the right tone for the book.

Years of Future Past - 2 YEars of Future PastAnd there you have it, our week in comics for the week of June 3. Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook if you agree or disagree with our picks and why!

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