P.T. Resurrection Rumors: Silent Hills Could Have A Future

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Last month it was confirmed that everybody’s favorite scary house walkthrough P.T. was being pulled from the PlayStation Store after game producer Konami dropped the full version of the game, Silent Hills, from its list of active projects. While those who already had the interactive trailer can still play it, the game is not available for new users and cannot be downloaded again if deleted. This game drop gives Konami only two games currently in development for consoles, with the majority of their focus moving to mobile-platform games.

Recently, a rumor surfaced that Microsoft was looking to buy the rights to not only P.T. but also the unfinished Silent Hills game from Konami and release it as an Xbox One exclusive. This would be a complete turnaround from the games original release, which was going to be only for PS4. While no one can say exactly where the intel originated from, there have been sources from within both Microsoft and Konami that have denied the rumor, and it doesn’t appear that we will be getting another chance to scare ourselves witless with P.T. –or Silent Hills—anytime soon.

Unfounded as the rumors may be, this gossip mill has led to more online talk about P.T. and Silent Hills since the game was canceled, which may be exactly what it needs. Hype for the trailer and Silent Hills died down once the project was dropped, and, despite their growing popularity amongst gamers, there isn’t a huge market for half-finished horror games. This spike in popularity may give Konami just the opportunity to pass off their game to someone who will finish and produce it. Whether it will be Microsoft that picks up the game or another company is yet to be determined. At this point, it is unknown if Konami even wants to sell off the rights to their game. All speculations aside, E3 is just around the corner, and with the biggest gaming announcements of the year happening there, these new rumors about the game have managed to put P.T. back into gaming news right alongside Fallout 4 and the other new big releases.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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