Code In iOS 9 Hints At Possible Larger iPad

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It’s been long rumored that Apple is in the process of creating an iPad that’s much larger than the current iPad Air. Sitting at 9.7-inches, the current iPad hits the sweet spot of media consumption and productivity space. However, while some have gone and replaced their laptops with iPads for work-related tasks, the almost-10-inch screen leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to being productive.

As such, there have been rumblings that Apple is working on an iPad Pro variant that could reach up to 12.2-inches and come with a power house of specs and while the rumors have come and gone, we have yet to see something tangible. We’ve seen the possibility of dual ports and the iPad Pro being quite thin and still nothing. It’s another day and we have a bit of code from iOS 9 that suggests that a larger iPad could still be in the works.

iOS developer Steve Throughton Smith tweeted a photo regarding hidden code in iOS 9 that suggests the keyboard will scale to “much larger” iPad screen size.


As we can see from the tweet, the keyboard adds a fifth row of keys that can either be used for characters or a numbers row. While that may not seem that exciting, the fact that the keyboard will scale to various screen sizes does add some credibility to the rumors of a larger iPad.

With the announcement of multi-window and a new UI for multitasking and copy/paste functions added to the keyboard, Apple is looking at making the iPad more of a production powerhouse. While there are those who feel that the iPad still isn’t a full contender as a laptop replacement, a larger iPad Pro with a 12.2-inch screen and better multitasking capabilities could mean that leaving the laptop at home and getting work done on the road could be a wee bit easier in the future.

Does the idea of a larger iPad interest you? Would you use it as a laptop replacement? Let us know on social media and in the comment section below.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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