Google Acquires Agawi, Creating A Try Before You Buy App Service?

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Most of the time we hear about Google acquisitions in a pretty timely manner but the acquisition of Agawi took place a full year ago. Google came clean now because rumors of the buyout finally began to surface. Agawi’s service is a unique one and one that might do away with Google’s 2 hour refund policy on the PlayStore. Agawi’s software allows users to stream apps to their devices without installing the app on them. This allows the user to try an app out without having to buy it. Often times you buy an app, download it, forget to try it out and dislike it after the 2 hour refund window and then you’re stuck with it with no refund. This would certainly put an end to that frustration.

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The interesting thing is that the service seems to also work for iOS devices but the question remains as to whether or not Google and Apple will play nice? As NDTV says in the source article, there are many other uses Google intends for Agawi such as advertising and app-based services without clients but the biggest thing is giving users an option to try before they buy. As with anything Google buys it’s never a sure thing it will pan out. Things might get fragmented into other services and used for other purposes but the idea of try before you buy is the most intriguing thing here.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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