[VIDEO] Samsung Is Helping Drivers See In Front Of Trucks With Transparent Display


Imagine this. You’re stuck behind a semi on a one lane road during the day or at night and you want to get around it, but can’t see in front of it to see if there is a car coming. You move your car slightly to the left (or right depending on country your in) to check if there is a car. There is one coming so you move back. Check again and there’s no car. Now is your chance to go around the truck. Mission completed and no casualties. Now imagine this. A truck that had 4 displays mounted on the back of it that shows you the road in front of the truck. Well, Samsung has come up with that idea.

Samsung has named their truck idea the “Samsung Safety Truck”, which basically has a camera on the front of the truck and four giant display panels on the back of the truck. This will be big help to those sitting behind the truck waiting to get around it but can’t as they are unable to know if a vehicle is coming their way. There’s even a night vision mode.

Samsung is currently in the process of getting this idea approved, so hopefully it doesn’t take too long for it to be used on the road. In all honesty, Samsung has had some great ideas, but this one is pure genius for drivers who still care enough to not make a dumb mistake when it comes to driving. I see careless drivers throughout the day so Samsung creating this concept will be worth it. Props to Samsung.

What are your thoughts about Samsung’s concept behind putting a camera and four displays on a semi truck to help drivers see what’s in front of it? Leave your comment below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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