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T-Mobile is famous for coming out with new Uncarrier movements to break away from the competition and once again, they have done just that. This time, they’re going back to the JUMP! program. Uncarrier 2.0 Amp’d is all about “JUMP! On Demand.” It’s a whole new way to get the latest smartphone whenever you want. As John Legere states in the video he posted on Twitter, “No more $10 monthly fee and you won’t pay a single penny out of pocket to walk out the door with your new smartphone. Not even sales tax.” Legere goes on to say “you can swap your phone out any time you want. You can get up to three new phones in a year, which means you get 6 new phones from T-Mobile in the same time you get in just one upgrade at Verizon.” All in all, $0 upfront, $0 when upgrading, $0 monthly payments, 0 wait, and 0 BS. All 100% uncarrier.

This plan is for new and existing customers, employees, and small business accounts (upon approved credit) so they can get the newest high end phone T-Mobile has to offer for an 18 month term. As mentioned before, you can upgrade three times a year, but when you do that, the upgrade date starts over for 18 months again. Once the 18 month time frame has ended, the customer has the option of returning the device or starting a new lease, or purchasing the device by paying off the purchase option price and applicable taxes. If you do plan on returning the phone, it will go through the three point check – physical damage, liquid damage, and does the device power on.

On launch date, Sunday June 28th, six phones will be eligible for JUMP! On Demand. Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the LG G4, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Note 4.

Those who are adding JUMP! On Demand for the first time and trading in their phone will receive a $12 credit for 18 months when purchasing either the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The cost to purchase the iPhone 6 will be $15 per month while the 6 Plus will be $19 per month, so the credit will ultimately offset this amount. Downfall to that is, the phone that is being used for the trade in will need to be paid off whether it’s from T-Mobile or another carrier.

If the phone’s trade in amount is greater than $216, the difference can be used in store, out of pocket, or as a one time bill credit. An example would be a phone with a $300 trade in value, $216 of that would be used for the $12 credit and the remaining $84 can be used at that time of payment or a one time bill credit. If you do cancel JUMP! On Demand, the $12 bill credit will stop and the remaining EIP will be due or if you do change to another device, the $12 credit will also end.

What are your thoughts about Uncarrier 2.0 Amp’d? Do you plan on adding JUMP! On Demand to your current plan? Leave a comment below, or on Google +, Facebook, or Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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