Rumor Claims Windows Phone Demise Replaced By Android

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We’ve reviewed a fair amount of Windows Phone devices here on Techaeris and we’ve enjoyed them very much. It’s no surprise though that the universal problem we had with Windows Phone is the lack of apps for the platform. The app offerings that are available often times just do not stand up to their Android and iOS counterparts. Now there is a rumor that Microsoft may be ready to throw in the towel on Windows Phone and move the hardware to Android software running select Microsoft apps.

Satya Nadella has already said that Microsoft will have to make some big decisions on what they’re going to do with some assets. They’ve already begun by selling their Bing Maps technology to Uber for an undisclosed amount. Now rumors are saying that Windows Phone is next on the list to be sacrificed. Of course there is no confirmation to this rumor but anything is possible at this point. Nokia is jumping back into the mobile space with hardware running Android why not Microsoft?

But it could very well be that this is nothing more than speculation and Microsoft will continue to forge ahead with Windows 10 Mobile. It would be disappointing to see them give up if they did as having three competitors in the market is only a good thing. But iOS and Android have been the market leaders for a long time and I can understand not wanting to sink money into something that isn’t generating revenue.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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