Plex TV Was Hacked, User Data Being Held Ransom?


Plex TV was hacked and the company confirms this as a fact but are not certain how far and how deep the hacker got into their systems. The hacker claims they have gotten all customer data and Plex TV software files and is demanding a ransom for their return. The company has not commented on whether or not the hackers claims are true just that there is a confirmed hack of their systems. “We’re investigating. The forums machine was definitely compromised, likely via PHP/IPB vulnerability. We have no reason to believe that any other parts of our infrastructure was compromised, but we’re investigating.” Here is the ransom note in question.

My name is savaka and I like to hack things. Recently (s) forum & website was compromised by me. I managed to obtain all of your data, customers as well as software and files.
I replaced the index.php of the administrator cpanel with a nice message, but the ones in charge of your data decided that it would be pretty lulzy’ to remove the message and place the original index back there.
I gave them until the 3rd of this month to send 9.5 BTC to redacted or I would release all this data.
This ransom is still active and on the 3rd: if no BTC payment is made, the ransom wll go up by 5 BTC.
Eventually if no BTC payment is made, the data will be released via multiple torrent networks and there will be no more
You can also pay me to remove your data from the content that’s going to be released by e-mailing redacted – If you send an e-mail without BTC ready to send, I will add your data to a special list.
P.S I don’t care who the BTC comes from as long as the payment is made: no data will be released.

We highly recommend changing your password at Plex as soon as possible, while it’s entirely possible this hacker may have not gotten as deep as claimed, it’s always a good idea to update that password.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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