Android Wear Gets A YouTube Player App

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Tired of watching YouTube on your phone, or Chromecast, or computer, or whatever it is you use? Well, here’s another way you can watch YouTube. Introducing, Video for Android Wear&YouTube. As it states in the name of the application, you are able to watch YouTube videos on your Android Wear device.

The application is compatible with all Android wear watches. The Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, LG G/G Watch R/Urbane, Asus ZenWatch, and Sony’s Smartwatch 3.

For the purchase price of $2.99 you’ll be able to get the premium version, which allows you to watch videos from your subscriptions and choose which channels show up on your Android Wear device. Other than that, the free version just allows you to watch videos from the “Most Popular” category.

Installing the app on your phone is easy, but getting the app to download on the watch took some time, at least for me. The installation on my Moto 360 failed, so the application on my phone advised me to restart the watch, uninstall and reinstall the app and to make sure the watch has Android Wear 5. Unfortunately, the app was never able to download to the watch, so I wasn’t able to test it, but once installed on your watch, you’ll start off with getting a search button front and center and below it are videos to choose from. If you paid for the premium version, you’ll also see your channels chosen through the app on the phone.

After you choose a video, options for playback will show up. Getting them back up is easy by tapping on the screen in case they have faded away if you weren’t paying attention. Swiping left will display information about the video, swipe left again and you’ll see more options. Options such as opening the video on your phone, or casting to a Google Cast device (Chromecast or the Nexus Player). If you cast the video to your Chromecast/Nexus Player, the watch will then act as a remote. Getting sound is possible, but you will need to pair your Bluetooth headphones or speakers to the watch and not the phone.

What are your thoughts about an Android Wear device being able to play YouTube videos? Leave a comment below, or on Google +, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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