Mastercard Is Trying To Revive Facial Recognition Security


Facial recognition security on smartphones is nothing new, Google’s Android OS tried to implement the feature before and it was quickly compromised. While the idea was forward thinking pulled straight out of Hollywood Sci-Fi films, it just wasn’t ready for primetime. Now Mastercard is trying to revive facial recognition security by testing an app that would verify your online purchases using your Mastercard. One of the parameters built into the app is requiring the user to blink to avoid being spoofed by a simple picture, but security experts still say this can still be fooled.

Mastercard is exploring facial recognition as an alternative to SecureCode, its security software that asks online shoppers for a password to make purchases. The company said the technology was used in three billion transactions last year. In March, Chinese shopping brand Alibaba demonstrated a facial recognition app, but hasn’t brought it to market yet. Mastercard’s facial recognition trial involves 500 users in the United States.

The idea of facial recognition security is really a good one but for now it’s still flawed and can be compromised. As the BBC reports, with a password or PIN, if they become compromised you can revoke it and assign a new one, you can’t get a new face. One way facial recognition security could possibly work is to combine it with some sort of microchip the phone or app would recognize as it scans your face. Of course the microchip would have to be in the skin and each user would have their own number assigned to them. This brings on a whole new discussion when it comes to tracking and privacy. Not so sure the world is ready for microchips for all, but I think we are heading that way.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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