Co-Creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender Reveals New Graphic Novel


Bryan Konietzko’s most recent post on his Tumblr revealed to fans his newest project after producing both the beloved series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra over the past decade for Nickelodeon.

This marks a departure for Konietzko as his next venture will not be a fully animated series, but instead a five-part graphic novel who’s first volume is tentatively set to come out in 2017. Not only does this mark a shift in mediums, but this will also be his first major project without the help of long-time creative partner, Michael Dante DiMartino, whom he collaborated with ever since college.

Konietzko’s newest project is called Threadworlds, a science fiction journey that appears to be a polar opposite to the spiritually/elementally inspired Avatar universe he created previously:

Threadworlds is set on a group of five planets that share a single orbit. The Earth-like worlds are teeming with life, and each has evolved its own unique intelligent species, in staggered states of technological progress. The epic adventure follows a chain reaction of scientific discoveries as they ripple from planet to planet. The hero of the story is Nova, a budding young scientist from a kangaroo-like species on the most primitive of the Threadworlds. Stubborn and brilliant, she lives out of step with her superstitious, oppressive empire, where girls are forbidden to read and write. But nothing can quell Nova’s passionate curiosity and awe of the universe. Her scientific pursuits sweep her up in a thrilling journey that links the fates of the five planets and unites the powers of their brightest minds in a pursuit for truth and progress.”


Based on the initial artwork, Nova and her sister’s race are marsupial-like in features and (in my eyes) share a close resemblance to the character Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank series. Being a “budding young scientist” definitely leads me to believe that instead of actually getting into the middle of the fray, Nova might be more of a tinkerer than a fighter – using her own inventions and craftiness to get out of sticky situations.

threadworlds-nova-sisterA notable change of pace to take into account is the main character’s background. Despite Nova also being a liberated female lead, she seems to take a more cerebral approach to adversity as opposed to Korra’s more gung-ho mentality. Nova’s character isn’t someone who was born with unmatched power that was passed down from generations, but instead decides to explore for the sake of better understanding the world around her. As nerdy as that may sound, I think there’s something oddly endearing about that. Instead of fulfilling a prophecy or moral duty, Threadworlds comes from a more honest place of simply wanting to discover and throw oneself into the unknown. It may not be the exhilarating martial arts and bending that we’ve grown to love, but it’s on course to delve into something refreshingly different.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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