Check Out This Lego Adaptable Prosthetic Arm For Kids


I couldn’t imagine life without one of my limbs, my whole 41 years of life I’ve always had access to them and I’m grateful for that. But there are some in this world who aren’t so lucky. Some who have lost their limbs in accidents or were simply born without them. Whatever the case, having limbs is probably something most of us take for granted. Children who have lost or were born without limbs are particularly hard to watch cope with the disability. But now Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar from Umeå University in Sweden wants to bring some comfort and fun to those kids without limbs. How? By making a prosthetic arm that is adaptable with Lego blocks.

The arms functions are pretty much identical to any other prosthetic arm except this one has features a modular assembly that is simple for kids to manipulate and take apart. The grasping mechanism on the arm can be swapped out for any sort of Lego creation the child can dream of. By basically turning the child’s prosthetic into a toy, Carlos hopes to give kids with prosthetics more confidence as well as help other children be more comfortable with those without limbs. It’s really an awesome idea and one we hope gets some wind in its sails.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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