MetroPCS Unveils Unlimited Mexico Plan

MetroPCS is T-Mobile’s prepaid brother, therefore it is not much of a surprise that not long after T-Mobile announced it would be incorporating plan options for calling Mexico and Canada, MetroPCS would do the same. MetoPCS’ new Mexico Unlimited plan offers some pretty astounding perks. To begin with, if you sign up before August 31, you get the service for free until 2016. Thereafter the service will cost five dollars in addition to your base plan at a minimum of $40, i.e. your base plan must cost a minimum of $40  to be eligible for the Mexico Unlimited plan.

While in the United States, the add-on includes unlimited calling and text messaging both to and from Mexico. The calling option includes calls to and from mobile phones as well as landlines. The second, very attractive feature of this plan is, when in Mexico, you can make unlimited calls and texts to anywhere in Mexico as well as in the US; the same is true for receiving calls and texts. The same applies to data, though not unlimited unless you have the unlimited data plan, as the plan allows you access to your MetroPCS data as if you were in the US.

Essentially what this plan add-on does is increase the geographical scope of your wireless plan to all of Mexico, an incredibly useful feature for those with family in Mexico, or those who travel to Mexico frequently.

MetroPCS has not announced anything related to bringing their services to Canada, though it would be reasonable to expect such a service at some point in time.

At a time when the mobile service provider battle is centered around creating incentive for customers to leave their current provider, plans like this are what will make the difference: perks with a small price tag that are potentially very attractive to a large percent of the US population.

What do you think of MetroPCS and their Mexico Unlimited plan? If you use MetroPCS, will you be adding this service to your plan? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

  Source: MetroPCS  Via: LA Times

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