Seidio OBEX And TETRA Pro For iPhone 6 Plus Dual Review

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Cases seem to follow me everywhere I go, I have lost track of how many case reviews I have done over the past two years but it’s easily close to a hundred. This round we’re checking out the Seidio OBEX and TETRA Pro for the iPhone 6 Plus. Check out what I think of these cases in my Seidio dual review.



Let’s start with the OBEX in this category. The iPhone 6 Plus is no small phone and the OBEX is no small case but for a good reason. The OBEX is designed to be a rugged and waterproof case for those of you who need that heavy protection paired with weather proofing. For as big a case as it is, Seidio managed to give this thing some handsome looks. The basic shape is the same as the iPhone, that rectangular rounded corner slab. It’s made up of pretty much all plastic and has a built in screen protector which covers the entire front including the Touch ID sensor. For as big as the OBEX is and for as big as the 6 Plus is, the OBEX is relatively slim enough to handle. Seidio did a great job of keeping the bulk down even though it does add bulk, if that makes sense. In other words, it could have been much bulkier.

Let’s move on to the TETRA Pro. I am a big fan of aluminum bumpers, Draco Designs makes an awesome bumper but it’s also very pricey. Seidio managed to design an awesome aluminum bumper and come in at a more than reasonable price. The TETRA Pro is unique because it features a no screw design, unlike the Draco and other aluminum bumpers which require you to screw two halves of the bumper together. The TETRA Pro really looks awesome, and Seidio was even more forward thinking by including a soft tpu case with the bumper. The case is clear so you can still see the design of the phone and the bumper wraps around the TPU case. The TPU case protects the back of the phone and is raised around the front edges to protect the screen. The TETRA Pro is really an awesome design, it gives you that slick aluminum bumper look with simple install and removal and extra protection.



The OBEX is a hefty and serious piece of protective equipment for your iPhone 6 Plus not to mention it’s waterproof. There’s no question you’re getting your money’s worth in protection if you buy this case. Short of running it over with a car, which I’m not doing, this thing is going to get the job done on the protection side. Please be sure to read the instructions included with the OBEX for proper use and to get the best results from it.

The TETRA Pro is no slouch either when it comes to protection. It’s aluminum bumper and TPU insert combo work well to protect your phone from drops and tumbles. It’s a step above basic protection but not as serious as the OBEX in that department. Seidio made the TETRA Pro slim and easy to handle, also easy to install and take off with a one lever system. You’ll have no issues if you buy the TETRA Pro in the protecton category. One minor issue with the TETRA Pro lay in it’s material choice, the aluminum bumper does interfere with cell and Wi-Fi signals just like every other aluminum bumper. It’s not a horrible loss of signal, I lost about one bar using this case.


Overall both of these cases are spectacular. I don’t usually go anywhere my phone needs waterproofing or the level of protection the OBEX offers so my pick of the two is the TETRA Pro. But both cases are worth your time to look at and consider, it will just depend on your need and how you will use them.

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*We were sent demo units of the Seidio OBEX and TETRA Pro cases for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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