Microsoft Merges OneNote For iPad And iPhone Into Single App

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On the heels of its recent updates to the Android Office apps, Microsoft yesterday announced the merging of the iPad and iPhone apps for their note software, OneNote. Previously the devices had separate apps, denoted in the App Store by “OneNote for iPad” and “OneNote for iPhone”.

Users of the OneNote app on iPad will be prompted to update when they open the app. Microsoft said that iPhone users will not need to update, as the iPad app was merged into the iPhone app. The new features bring the iPad app in line with features that were recently added to the iPhone app.

Some of the new iPad features include:

  • Today Widget—Create new notes, start a list, and access your most recent notes with one tap from the Notification Center. This is a great way to quickly capture something before you forget without having to navigate to the app.
  • Recent Notes—Find your most recently edited notes with the “Recent Notes” view to display the list of recent notes across all the notebooks open on your iPad.
  • Page Previews—If you turn your iPad into landscape mode you will see page previews. This makes it quick to remember what content is on a page.
  • Document/Whiteboard camera

The merging of the two apps will make it easier for Microsoft to push updates for the iOS platform, since they will only have to work on one app.

In the blog post, Microsoft mentioned that they have pushed a OneNote update for Android as well. From the Office blog:

We recently updated the OneNote for Android, which introduces one of the top feature asks—the ability to move or copy pages from one section or notebook to another section or notebook. Now, if you took a note in a hurry and it is still in your Quick Notes section, you can move it to the Notebook where it really belongs. Or, if your teacher shared an assignment or notes with you, and you want to copy it to your notes, now you can do that too using OneNote for Android.

I’m curious to know where our readers are at – what do you use for note taking/management? OneNote, Evernote, Google Keep, iOS Notes app? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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