Hearthstone Announces Second Expansion: “The Grand Tournament”

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Time to dust off those Derby hats and break out the formal wear, Hearthstone is releasing its second expansion next month, “The Grand Tournament.” Champions from all over Azeroth are being sent to the Tournament from Orgres to Pirates to Dragons to Murlocs, everyone is eager to prove they are a champion!

The-Grand-Tournament-Hearthstone-InspireThe-Grand-Tournament-Hearthstone-Inspire-2As is tradition with new content in Hearthstone, “The Grand Tournament” will feature a super fancy new card back, a super fancy new game board, and 132 new cards that will feature new spells, new weapons, and new champions to help you win! Additionally, a new card mechanic is being introduced called “Inspire.” When you have a minion with its own unique Inspire ability it will activate when you use your hero power.



As of launch the Arena will have all of the “Grand Tournament” cards available to craft in a deck, even if the player doesn’t currently have the cards. Additionally the reward decks will be updated to give “Grand Tournament” packs instead of the current “Goblins vs. Gnomes” decks.


There will be a card bundle available for pre-purchase starting next week. Players can get 50 “Grand Tournament” card packs for $49.99 and will include a grand new card back. Pre-purchased card packs will remain sealed until launch and the offer is only good as a one time purchase until launch day, when the bundle will no longer be available.


New cards are being revealed on “The Grand Tournament” official website. Players can vote for which never-before-seen card will be unveiled with several cards being unveiled each week until the Tournament starts.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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