Google Teams Up With Silent Circle On Next Blackphone

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You remember the Blackphone from Silent Circle? The phone that promised to take security and privacy to the next level. Silent Circle’s first Blackphone garnered some press attention but didn’t really fly off the shelves. Now Silent Circle is teaming up with Google for the next Blackphone. Companies are starting to understand that their connected employees not only do business on their company phones, but they handle private matters on them as well. These companies are looking for a way to secure both company data and employees private data.

This next version of the Blackphone will come with Google’s Android for Work software which gives users the ability to manage both personal and work activity on one smartphone. It also has features that allow for more control over what employees have access to. Android hasn’t been viewed as the most secure mobile platform for business and Google wants to change that. This partnership gives them a secure device maker and combines their productivity software with it a win win for both companies. Google gets the benefits of security with Blackphone and Blackphone gets marketing and name recognition with Google.

Android for Work is being tested or deployed by more than 10,000 businesses, including the World Bank, U.S. Army, and Guardian Life Insurance Company, Rajen Sheth wrote in a blog post Thursday. Sheth, who works for Google, holds the title Senior Director for Android and Chrome for Work Product Management.

The Blackphone is currently used by government and businesses and hasn’t really been a consumer seller. Google could really break into that market teaming up with Silent Circle.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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