Huawei Bumps Microsoft As Third Largest Mobile Manufacturer


The third place medal for largest mobile device manufacturer has consistently been Microsoft with Samsung and Apple holding the top two spots. But that’s all changed with Chinese mobile device manufacturer Huawei. They’ve just bumped Microsoft from that third place slot and are focused on the next two slots ahead of them. Microsoft shipped 27.8 million units in Q2 vs Huawei’s 30.6 million units with Microsoft capturing 6.4% of the market to Huawei’s 7%. While that isn’t a huge overtaken or blowout by any means, it does show that Huawei is serious about making a run at the mobile space in the coming years.

But with Samsung and Apple to contend with, it may be a rougher ride to second, or first place even, with Galaxy S6 sales slumping and Apple sales falling in the US. Compared to Samsung and Apple, Huawei has some catching up to do. Samsung shipped around 89 million units and Apple shipped about 47.5 million units in Q2. So there is work to do but Huawei is doing it. We had the chance to review their budget phone the P8 Lite and we walked away impressed. It’s a mighty hill to climb but if the company continues to develop and manufacturer quality mobile devices, it’s not impossible.

What do you think of Huawei’s move into third place? Do you think they can make a run at Samsung and Apple? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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