What Will We See At The September Apple Event?

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It’s nearly that time, yet again. Time for the yearly September Apple event that usually introduces the new iPhone along with other projects the company is working on. So what will we see this year from Apple?

Well the obvious device to be shown will be the iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7 depending on who you ask) which is rumored to not have much of a design change to its overall look. One rumor being speculated on is the addition of Force Touch to the iPhone 6s and the removal of the home button. Essentially the front will be all screen and a Force Touch home button will be located where the original home button was, only under the glass. The Touch ID sensor will also be located in the same spot. If this is true it will be interesting to see an iPhone without a physical home button for the very first time. iOS 9 will likely be shown as well but don’t expect any drastic changes, Apple dislikes making huge changes to their mobile OS.

The next big thing we suspect Apple is unveiling is their next generation Apple TV. This variation is expected to be the most significant upgrade since the devices introduction. Rumors of a new UX and UI are milling about and the device is expected to integrate Home Kit. There has been no mention about any sort of physical redesign to the box itself but the remote has been rumored to be completely new with a touch interface and keyboard. Previous versions of the Apple TV used their Apple Remote which many users did not find intuitive.

Finally, we expect to see or hear about Apple Watch OS 2. While the Apple Watch has sold well compared to other smartwatches it didn’t meet expectations from the company. Apple wants to refresh and update the Apple Watch OS as quickly as possibly adding features to possibly attract new buyers of the device for the Christmas rush. We’re not sure what to expect from the new Apple Watch OS 2 but new applications are said to be coming enhancing the user experience.

Apple events are always interesting to watch and they’ve become less mysterious than days past becoming easier to predict. With iPhone sales slumping in the US, (although up in China) and the Apple Watch not meeting expectations Apple’s counting on its new offerings to attract users back to its doors.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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