How To Project A 3D Hologram With Your Smartphone


File this project under simple and epic. Youtuber, MrWhosetheboss, has published a video tutorial on how you can your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector and it’s pretty darn cool. The whole setup is pretty easy to make and you should have all the materials you need in your home already. There is some caution to take when using a utility knife, glass knife or whatever cutting tool you plan on using. Otherwise the whole process isn’t hard at all, results may vary. Here’s the basic list of things you’ll need to pull this 3D hologram off.

  • Graph paper
  • A CD case
  • A pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some sort of tape or superglue
  • A utility knife or glass cutter
  • Your smartphone

The instructions for putting it all together and the whole video tutorial below.

  1. Draw a trapezoid shape on the graph paper using the dimensions 1cm x 3.5cm x 6cm.
  2. Break off the sides of the CD case and carefully trace around the template you just made to cut the shape into the CD case’s plastic. You need to do this four times.
  3. Tape the four plastic pieces together, with the longest sides facing the top of the build.
  4. IMPORTANT: Choose a holograph-specific video you’d like to project, like this one.
  5. Put the shape over the video playing on your smartphone to create the 3D hologram.

Pretty stinking cool I think. Be sure to like MrWhosetheboss’s video and maybe even leave him a thank you comment over at YouTube.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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