Latest Fantastic Four Extended Trailer Shows Us Doom

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A new Fantastic Four trailer has hit the net. This one is a bit more extended and we get a decent look at Doom as well as a hint at what the storyline might be.

Now I am the first person to stand up and complain when a property has been rebooted over and over and gets an origin story every single time (See: Spider-Man), but in this particular case I think it might be warranted. First off because I doubt a lot of people know how the Fantastic Four got their powers and second because it looks like the idea is updated for the modern age and it actually looks like a valid explanation for them having the powers they do.

For those that don’t know (which I suspect is a small portion of the MG audience), the four were astronauts who were on a scientific mission to space and were hit by cosmic rays. In the 60’s that was a valid thing since we didn’t know much about space but we do now and it doesn’t really hold.

Here they get transported into another dimension/universe where their body chemistry is changed (that last bit is speculation as I haven’t seen it yet).

I’ve gone from terrified the movie will suck (again) to ambivalent about the property, to excited for the film. There have been a lot of fans complaining that it looks bad and that they hope it fails, assuming that if it does Fox will give up on the property and give it back to Marvel who has yet to fail since launching the MCU. But I personally think that Fox hasn’t done that bad a job with FF. True the 2005 film adaptation didn’t fare well but it wasn’t horrid. And with the success of Marvel lately I think the other studios will be upping their game.

Oh, and there is a little Deadpool bit at the end. Everyone else has been leading with that and almost ignoring the rest of the trailer which I feel does a disservice to the subject matter. But that’s just me.

Fantastic Four hits theaters this Friday.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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