Lumia 950 XL Leak Shows Microsoft’s Next Flagship


Countless Android and iOS fanboys are stoking the fires in preparation for the cremation of Windows Phone. But while they’re raising their glasses to the death of Windows Phone, Microsoft is busy testing their latest Lumia. While Huawei has just passed Microsoft in device sales, taking third place from them, Microsoft continues to believe in its platform. The rumors initially began that Microsoft would be making the 940 series its next flagship model but that quickly dissipated when leaks of a 950 model began. Now, for the first time, we have a not so clear Lumia 950 XL leak we can at least look at.

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While the device in the photos is encased in its blocky protective cover (mostly to protect from the design being seen) you can clearly see this is a Windows Phone. The software looks to be Windows 10 mobile and it doesn’t look that far off from the current lineup of Lumia phones. You can clearly see this is a prototype device with the URL for Microsoft’s prototype registration at the bottom of the device. The most interesting part of these leaks is actually the USB type C charging port, which will mark the first use of the technology on mobile for Microsoft.

courtesy digital trends

While the Windows Phone haters will continue to keep the kilns hot and their forks at the ready. It looks like Microsoft is going to continue on with its mission to make something of Windows Phone. We look forward to checking out the 950 and 950 XL and will likely have review units in house at some point after they announce the device, which has not been scheduled.

courtesy digital trends

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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