Ned Stark’s Character Possibly Making Game Of Thrones Comeback

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Finally a character we don’t have to worry about losing to George RR Martin’s hair-trigger homicidal tendencies — since he’s already dead. Ned Stark is back. Not Sean Bean, though. According to a report, Englishman Sebastian Croft has been picked to play an adolescent Ned Stark in the current season of Game Of Thrones. At 13, Croft has already featured in a number of London West End plays, including Les Miserables, Matilda, and Peter Pan. He’s also played younger Martius in Coriolanus, so it won’t be his first time portraying an established character in a younger avatar.

The Game Of Thrones production started off with a no flashbacks policy. They went back on the self-imposed rule right at the beginning of Season 5. A young, just as belligerent Cersei Lannister was shown soliciting the services of a witch/prophetess, depending on what you think clothes say about the person. It now appears there will be more flashbacks, potentially seen through Bran’s eyes. While we’d love to see characters make a comeback through flashbacks, let’s hope Game Of Thrones doesn’t go the way of Lost.

Apparently rumors regarding Ned Stark’s return to the series began to surface when a casting call for Season 6 detailed the need for a 12 year old boy able to pull of a Northern accent. It also reveals that the character will have scenes involving sparring with a wooden sword. The length of the role was not mentioned.

Game Of Thrones casting news is hard to keep up with, so here’s a quick recap. Max von Sydow makes an entry as the Three-Eyed Raven to coincide with Bran’s return. Ian McShane will be a part of the cast but it isn’t clear yet who he’s playing. Finally there’s the whole Jon Snow limbo. Was Kit Harrington in Belfast shooting for Game Of Thrones or sampling Irish craft beer? Now I’m thirsty.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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